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Welcome to the site for the Colonel Light Gardens Historical Society.

Here you can access many documents to help you understand Colonel Light Gardens history and the plans which will guide its future, as well as the news relating to Colonel Light Gardens.

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Bombing of Colonel Light Gardens

The details surrounding the 'bombing' of Colonel Light Gardens by a US bomber on 22 August 1944 can be found here. It makes an interesting read!

Facebook page run by the CLG Residents Association

The Colonel Light Gardens Residents Association has recently started a Facebook page I Love Colonel Light Gardens for communication on the Suburb.

Please visit and join in or start a thread. It can be found here.

Congratulations to the CLGRA Committee on this excellent communications initiative.

Matters raised with Mitcham Council

Solar Panels

In August 2011 a number of solar panel installations were raised with Mitcham Council staff. The panels still remain and are arguably inconsistent wiuth the Development regulations. On 9 August 2012, The CEO of Mitcham Council was asked for an update on this apparent inconsistency. On 14 August 2012, a reply was given and this matter is being actively pursued by Mitcham Council.

On 21 Feb 2011 Mitcham Council was asked if the new signage had been approved. How long will it take to get an answer? Lets see.

Of course, if Mitcham Council enforced the 1989 development approval conditions then the Rochester Avenue frontage would be screened by mature trees. This has been repeatedly raised with Council's Administration since the early 1990s. And it is not that Council lacks any negotiating position as it owns the majority of the land on which the carpark is located.

The Acting Director, City Management advised on 24 Feb 2011:The compliance team will need to do an audit of all of the signs in the photograph to determine which ones have approval. If there are any that do not, then enforcement action will need to be commenced.

On 15 August a reply was given and action on this matter is underway.


c1998 Conditions of Development Approval.

On 30 July 2012 Gault Ward Councillor Chris Adcock was asked :

would you please obtain from the City of Mitcham Administration a copy of the Conditions for the Development Approval for the extension to the southern side of the building located at 501 Goodwood Rd, Colonel Light Gardens.

There has been no response by 21 August 2012.

Mortlock Park

In 1992, after considerable efforts and suburb-wide consultation, Mitcham Council adopted the Mortlock Park Master Plan. The Plan consists of the resolution and the accompanying Mortlock Park map. A copy of the Plan is here, and the accompanying map is here.

Work proceeded to implement major parts of the Plan. In 2005, in adopting the Colonel Light Gardens Conservation Management Plan, Mitcham Council set out what it wanted to see happen at Mortlock Park:

• Refine the approved 1992 Mortlock Park Master Concept Plan and develop more detailed direction for the future of the Park
[Colonel Light Gardens Conservation Management Plan; 5.15.1 Mortlock Park 'Policy']

It is now coming up to 7 years since the Elected Members set out this direction. The Acting CEO of Mitcham Council was asked on 24 Feb 2011 when Mitcham Council's Administration will carry out the policy set by the Elected Members.

Still no progress as at 21 August 2012.

Going Nowhere on these

There have been a number of matters that seem to be going nowhere. A look at the July 2012 Mitcham Council Agenda Papers has a section at the end on outstanding matters.

  • From May 2005 there is call for a study to be done on Council wide 'Open Space/Reserve Management Plan'
  • From May 2006 there was a call for a review of future of the Colonel Light Gardens Institute at 53-55 West Parkway. This call was updated in Dec 2011.
  • From May 2010 there was to be a report on the occupation of internal reserves (Community Land). This Community Land needs to be managed in accordance with the Local Government Act. It appears that this is not the case and Mitcham Council should finalise this matter without further delay.
  • From Sept 2011 the request from the CLG Primary School for cricket practice wickets on Mortlock Park. The note in the report sets out that the matter is 'Awaiting advice re Conservation Management Plan'.
  • From Sept 2011 is the call for the preparation of 'Technical Data Sheets' which will see clear specifications for Council infrastructure within Colonel Light Gardens. With these specification we should avoid the jumbled mess of bollards, or a repeat of the 'baby-poo' coloured concrete kerbing near the RSL at Prince George Parade. This matter appears to be moving with Council engaging Heritage Consultants to prepare the Data Sheets.
  • In Feb 2012 there was a call for a review of public consultation regarding proposed Leases and Licences for a number of sites. This occurred after it was bought to Council's attention that the Jan 2012 Public Consultation for leases at Reade Park and at Mortlock Park did not comply with Mitcham Council's own Public Consultation Policy.


Conservation Management Plan-

The implementation of the Colonel Light Gardens Conservation Management Plan has seen the installation of street signs throughout the suburb. Future funding of the implementation has not been provided for by Mitcham Council.

National Heritage List - Nomination appears to be unsuccessful

The Society, Mitcham Council and the Colonel Light Gardens Residents Asociation nominated Colonel Light Gardens for inclusion on the National Heritage List.

A lower resolution copy of the Nomination form is available from here. Details of the Nomination are to be found on the Australian Heritage database here.

The Final Priority Asssessment List has yet to be announced, but there was only one item to be assessed from the 1011-12 nominations, and it was not even nominated by the normal public nomination process, but by the body that prepares the shortlist for the Minister. See here.


Colonel Light Gardens book again available

CLG book image Dr Christine Garnaut's popular book on Colonel Light Gardens has been reprinted. The book has a new Introduction which updates developments in the suburb since 1999.

The book is highly recommended to all residents interested in Colonel Light Gardens.

More details of the book and where it can be purchased are available here.

Naming of Colonel Light Gardens

Some notes on the naming of Colonel Light Gardens have been made available. See the Background Notes panel to the right for the link.

Important book on SA Town Planning has been republished

On 7 November 2007, the second edition of the book With Conscious Purpose: a history of town planning in South Australia was launched. The book first published in 1986 has been updated with postscripts to the original chapters as well as a new chapter to cover the period 1986 to 2007.

The book gives the reader an understanding of the town planning of South Australia, and includes a chapter on Charles Reade (the designer of Colonel Light Gardens) as well as a section on Colonel Light Gardens.

The book is published by the Planning Institute of Australia and more details are here

West Parkway/Salisbury Cres roundabout

The improved lighting at this intersection using poles and light fittings consistent with the CLG Conservation Management Plan was expected to commence in November 2007. This matter is still under consideration (July 2012)

Mitcham Heritage Subsidy Policy

Property owners in Colonel Light Gardens are entitled to make application for assistance under the City of Mitcham Heritage Subsidy Policy. Use this link

new work by homeowners- Since May 2000 approval is needed for:

  • fences,
  • carports,
  • garages,
  • roller doors,
  • pay TV dishes,
  • roller shutters,
  • new roofing,
  • air-conditioning,
  • window replacement, and
  • planting vegetation on the nature strip.

The links in the plans and guides section will help guide you to the requirements or call or visit Mitcham Council for advice before commencing work. Paper copies of these documents are available from Mitcham Council.

plans and guides
pdf file Fences in SA (SA Heritage Branch) (2.2 Mb)
pdf file Gardens in SA 1840-1940 (SA Heritage Branch) (3.5 Mb)
pdf file National Heritage List Nomination Form (12 Mb)
papers and reports
  1902 Garden Cities of Tomorrow by Ebenezer Howard
  1912 Nothing Gained by Overcrowding by Raymond Unwin (2.9Mb)
maps and drawings
Mitcham Army Camp
Grange Farm
street scenes
Thousand Homes
Thousand Homes interiors
CLG Primary School
churches and public buildings
background notes
  Naming of Colonel Light Gardens (1.1Mb)
  suburb history (102kb)
  garden suburb planning principles (101kb)
2006 Census data
Sands and McDougal Directories
1925 1926 1927 1930
suburb myths


Charles Reade
  South Australian Heritage Branch
  Hampstead Garden Suburb (UK)
  Letchworth Garden City (UK)
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