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Here you can access many documents to help you understand Colonel Light Gardens history and the plans which will guide its future, as well as the news relating to Colonel Light Gardens.

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Mitcham Council: let's not worry about heritage

Mitcham Council is currently looking at a few items.

The first example is the River Red Gums on Flinders Ave.
A report was prepared for the removal of one of the river red gums because of concerns expressed that it might drop branches.

That report was supported by the Elected Members. BUT what consideration was given to heritage?
Read the report and see if you can find any.

It went out to the surrounding householders for comment (as required) and it went to the State Government's Heritage Unit for their consideration. Contacting State Heritage is challenging (try to find a phone number for them!) and the Officer I spoke to refused to give any details apart from they had approved the trees destruction and flatly refused to say what heritage considerations were considered.
He also refused to give me the name of the person who was in charge of the Heritage Unit and that person's contact details.

Mitcham Council has been asked for details of what heritage significance was identified and deathly silence so far.

For anybody who is interested, and many local residents are (many thanks to them)
I have identified some resources, mainly held in the City of Mitcham's files, which show how significant the tree is.

Eucalyptus Trees - Reade Park (pdf download)
If Council staff don't know, they should ask!

It seems that the ample documentary evidence on Colonel Light Gardens is an inconvenient truth.

Mitcham Camp

1 April 2015 marks 100 years since the enlisted soldiers moved the training camp from Morphetville and Ascot Park to Grange Farm, the site of Colonel Light Gardens.

Mitcham Camp images on Vimeo.

The slideshow video lasts approximately 11 minutes. These is no sound track, Just some time for quiet reflection on the men who did their initial training on the site where we live today.

Many of the images have the familiar hills in the background.

The video is best viewed in full screen and at High Definition.


Mitcham Camp map

A map of the Mitcham Camp as it was in 1916-16 as an overlay on current property boundaries is available for download. The City of Mitcham has granted permission for this use. You may view it as an electronic file or print it (recommended size is A1).


Colonel Light Gardens book again available

CLG book image Dr Christine Garnaut's popular book on Colonel Light Gardens has been reprinted. The book has a new Introduction which updates developments in the suburb since 1999.

The book is highly recommended to all residents interested in Colonel Light Gardens.

More details of the book and where it can be purchased are available here.

new work by homeowners- Since May 2000 approval is needed for:

  • fences,
  • carports,
  • garages,
  • roller doors,
  • pay TV dishes,
  • roller shutters,
  • new roofing,
  • air-conditioning,
  • window replacement, and
  • planting vegetation on the nature strip.

The links in the plans and guides section will help guide you to the requirements or call or visit Mitcham Council for advice before commencing work. Paper copies of these documents are available from Mitcham Council.

plans and guides
pdf file Fences in SA (SA Heritage Branch) (2.2 Mb)
pdf file Gardens in SA 1840-1940 (SA Heritage Branch) (3.5 Mb)
pdf file National Heritage List Nomination Form (12 Mb)
papers and reports
  1902 Garden Cities of Tomorrow by Ebenezer Howard
  1912 Nothing Gained by Overcrowding by Raymond Unwin (2.9Mb)
maps and drawings
Mitcham Army Camp
Grange Farm
street scenes
Thousand Homes
Thousand Homes interiors
CLG Primary School
churches and public buildings
background notes
  Naming of Colonel Light Gardens (1.1Mb)
  suburb history (102kb)
  garden suburb planning principles (101kb)
2006 Census data
Sands and McDougal Directories
1925 1926 1927 1930
suburb myths


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